Danny Denaro & his Jumpin' Jukes


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    SIDE A.
  1. Danny's Harmonica Boogie00:32 - (D. Denaro)
  2. You Know it Ain't Right00:42 - (W. Jacobs)
  3. Up & Down The Avenue01:00 - (C.Musselwhite)
  4. La Cucaracha01:00
  5. You Make Me Cockoo, Baby01:00 - (W. Horton)
  6. Talk To Your Daughter01:00 - (Lenoir & Atkins)
  7. Grind & Bump00:56 - (J. Harmon)
  8. Cross Cut Saw01:00 - (F. Ford)
    SIDE B.
  1. Up The Line01:00 - (W. Jacobs)
  2. Lolli Pop Mama00:56 - (W. Clarke)
  3. Obdacious00:58 - (L. Slim)
  4. Take Out Some Insurance00:52 - (J. Stone)
  5. Parchman Farm00:59 - (M. Allison)
  6. Kiddio00:53 - (B. Benton & Otis)
  7. Mellow Down Easy01:00 - (W. Jacobs)
  8. Blowin' Like Hell01:00 - (W. Clarke)

YOU MAKE ME CUCKOO, BABY is Danny's first album after 20 years of musicianship in the bay area. This demo album has a variety of cover tunes from some of the blues greats, with a wide style of harmonica techniques as well. It is also a live album, which shows the dynamic capabilities of this versatile band.

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Album Personal:
Guitar: Johnny Ray
Harmonica & Vocals: Danny Denaro
Drums: Mike Eaton
Bass: Dave Chavez
Produced by: Dan Denaro
Recorded Live: Sept 17 1997 at Doc's in Monterey
Engineered & Mixed: Larry Viales
Tape Edited: Dan Denaro
Cover Design: Fender-Narrow Graphics
Inside Text: Chuggy D.
Inside Photo Special Effects: Stephen Dore (Astral Graphics)
Inside Band Photos: Diane Hernandez
Thanks to: Dino Pulgarin for the gig
Rio Records & Tin-Sandwich Mgmt. P.O. Box 700602 San Jose CA 95170-0602 408-ALL-BLUE(255-2583)


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